Everything for fall camping: the 5 essential equipment

One of the positive points of summer 2020 is that Quebecers will have reconnected with the nature of their beautiful province. Campsites are reserved until late this fall. The nights are cooler, BUT this year nothing stops us to enjoy nature. We've decided to put together a little guide to make sure you sleep soundly and especially warm this fall.


When temperatures drop, there is an enemy in camping: humidity! We will try at all costs to avoid it or get rid of it.

A 3 season tent: The 3 season tent is perfect for camping late in the Important in preventing moisture build-up is excellent ventilation. The majority of recent ultralight tents for hiking or camping provides optimal ventilation. The important thing is that the air can circulate well between the tent and the flysheet in order to avoid condensation.

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3 season tent

Little pro tip: UCO candles are a seasoned camper's best friend. These candles with a spring system ensure that the flame is protected from wind or draft thanks to the glass fireplace. Candles rid you of the humidity in your tent and provide dim lighting.UCO camping candle


2. The insulated sleeping pad: It is important to have an insulated sleeping pad when the temperatures drop. Each sleeping pad has an R-value, an insulation rating that determines at what temperature the sleeping pad will be comfortable.

Little pro tip: We recommend that you combine your insulated or regular sleeping pad with a blue sleeping pad as your first defense against soil moisture. This small, lightweight groundsheet will be a second barrier against the cold. If you have the space, bring it!


3. A sleeping bag: The mummy-type sleeping bag will protect you from the cold of the ambient air. We recommend a -7 - 12 sleeping bag for camping until late fall. It’s better to be hotter than cold. We have to find the right balance. You should not add too many layers. Because, if unfortunately you sweat while sleeping, you will end up feeling cold.

Little pro tip : The out-fit ideal for sleeping in fall camping: A merino wool or micropolar toque since it is through the head that we lose the most heat. A body and pants base layer in 150 merino wool as well as thin merino wool socks. To know all the benefits of merino wool, read our article here.

PS: If you have a sleeping bag +1 and think you're cold, don't hesitate to invest in a fleece liner. This kind of meat bag, which you can slip into your sleeping bag, can increase your heat intake considerably.


4. A micro-puffer jacket: They are compressible, light and will bring you warmth instantly. You will find on the market micro-jackets in goose down or synthetic fibers such as Primaloft. To know the advantages and disadvantages of each, and which one might best meet your needs, it's justhere

Thermos coffee camping

5. A thermos: I personally hate cold coffee while camping. Having a high-performance thermos will come in handy in the morning to make sure you have a coffee that meets your expectations. But, in the evening when the mercury drops considerably, your thermos can serve as a hot water bottle to warm your feet in the bottom of your sleeping bag.

There is no bad weather, only bad clothes and equipment! When the mercury drops, you have to be a little more foresighted and organized, but to be the privileged witnesses of nature that changes colors, it's worth it! .

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