Top 10 must-haves for fall hiking

Personally, fall is my favorite season. Nature is quietly preparing for winter by revealing its most beautiful colors. In the mountains, the landscape is impressive. It becomes a little less pleasant when you are less well equipped. That's why I've prepared a top 10 essentials for you that you should have in your bag for your next hike.

1. The base: First layer in merino wool

The merino wool is your ally in the multi-layer systems. It keeps warm even if it is wet, which is not to be neglected during a mountain hike. It is soft, does not sting and does not retain odors.

2. Protection from the elements: Waterproof breathable shell

This type of jacket allows you to be prepared for any eventuality in terms of the weather without sacrificing breathability. Because we know it, the temperature in the fall changes quickly and the rain can become your worst enemy. The waterproof-breathable shell will not allow water to enter but will effectively evacuate moisture during the ride. The best of both worlds!

Men's down coat

3. Stay warm with good insulation

Whether it is a down insulation or in synthetic, it is important to have a warm piece of clothing to carry in the event the wind picks up. Synthetics have the advantage of not taking moisture. While down is the lightest option, it provides instant warmth but will stay moist.

4. Well shod: Waterproof boots

A poorly paved hike can quickly turn into a nightmare. Adventure in the trails must be done with a waterproof membrane boot (psstttt la Lowa Renegade GTX it's our all time favorite) a non-slip sole as well as good ankle support. Don't forget to put on a pair of merino wool socks. You should even carry 2 pairs in your backpack. One for the outward journey one for the return!

Waterproof hiking boots


5.a tuque

It is through the ends that we lose the most heat. Make sure you bring a synthetic fiber toque or headband that will keep you warm when you're on break or at the top.


6. Emergency:
First aid kit & safety

An accident quickly happened. This is why leaving with a complete first aid kit is essential for the smooth running of your mountain trip. If you ever get caught on the mountain in an emergency, you should have a multi-purpose knife, lighter and whistle in your kit.

7. Lighting: Headlamp

The days get shorter in the fall. This is why you should always have a headlamp with you so as not to get caught in the rush of night on your return.

Night Headlamp

8. Hydration: Thermos

You should allow about 1L to 2L of water per person for a day trip. The thermos is a great option to bring you a hot, hydrating beverage like an invigorating infusion or tea. You will be hydrated and warm!

9. Energy source: Food

Providing food is essential to have a good time in the mountains. Making sure you have nutritious and balanced meals and snacks is the key to success in having energy throughout your journey.

Kitchen outdoor girl Jetboil

10. Itinerary

Last but not the least. Always go with someone on your alpine adventures and leave your itinerary to someone you trust before setting off. Obtain the navigation maps you will need in advance.


Have a good hike, adventurers!