The 5 reasons to choose merino wool

All Plein Air Entrepôt employees swear by merino wool, summer and winter. We love this material for its adaptive properties and versatility. This 100% natural wool comes from Merino sheep native to Australia and New Zealand. Exposed to extreme conditions in the mountains, varying temperatures of 30 ° C and -20 ° C, sheep produce an extra layer of wool when the weather cools. The very principle of the multilayer system what! In this article, we will present the 5 reasons why merino is our fiber of choice in the manufacture of technical clothing.

1. Thermoregulatory

The merino wool Being a natural fiber, it wicks moisture quickly, keeping you dry and warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

2. Resists bad odors.

Your hiking or travel partners will thank you! Wool being antibacterial by nature, it does not retain odors. One of the things that sets it apart from synthetic fibers, which are usually treated with a product (which wipes off), prevents the nasty odor bacteria from reproducing, is its odor resistance.

3. UV resistant

Merino wool naturally protects against UV rays. With UPF protection indices between 30 and 50 varying according to the thickness of the fabric, it is one of the only natural fibers that block the sun's radiation.

4. Light

You will find on the market several thicknesses of merino wool between 100 and 300 grams per m². The base layer with 100 g / m² will be ideal as a base layer when out running, cross-country skiing or any other high intensity activity. Sweaters with 300 g of insulation / m² are much warmer, thicker and therefore heavier. They will be perfect for wearing as a base or mid layer, during low intensity activities.

5. Breathable

It quickly wicks away perspiration during your efforts in the mountains. Did you know that even if it is wet, wool has the ability to keep you warm, just like sheep? Wool can absorb and retain over 30% of its weight in water without becoming wet to the touch.

Does it have any drawbacks?

Since nothing is perfect, we determine that the only downside to this fiber is the price. Base layers for men and women in merino wool are definitely more expensive than their synthetic competitors. However, trust us, trying it is adopting it for life!

As this fiber can be worn year round (yes yes we even wear it in summer) we have an interesting range of choices in store. You will find base layers, jackets, suits, accessories and stockings Smartwool, Ibex and Norfolk. An essential for all nature lovers.