The 10 luxury essentials you must bring while camping this summer

he camping season is well underway and we have asked each member of the outdoor warehouse troop to suggest a luxury item that you would not do without when camping!

1. The Espresso Coffee Maker

Ah caffeine when you hold us! When we go camping, what could be better than waking up to a freshly poured espresso in nature. All this is possible with this wonderful coffee maker. Your mornings will never be the same! -Julian

2. Cups of wine

The stainless steel wine cups are certainly a luxury when we go backpacking and every gram must have its use. But when the weight doesn't count, there will always be a small space available to accommodate your glasses of camping wine. Don't forget your lemonade! - Nicolas

3. The pillow

We can always organize ourselves with a fleece or a down jacket as a pillow. But I have to tell you that having a pillow greatly improves the quality of sleep. You can opt for a pillow made of synthetic fibers versus your good old cotton pillow. This will prevent it from storing moisture. Sweet dreams! -Charlotte

4. Folding chairs

Around the fire, on the edge of the river or on the beach, when space permits, folding chairs are a little extra for our stays in nature. We particularly like this ultralight model which is easy to assemble, requires little space and is super comfortable! -Olivier

5. The binoculars

To observe flora and fauna on your excursions and to play explorers with the children, binoculars are great. -Mathieu

6. Board games

When the weather is less clement, and we have to take refuge in the tent, board games make rainy weather more attractive. All games are good! Our favorites are:

  • Cards against Humanity (for adults)
  • UNO (the whole family)
  • Jenga (the whole family)


7. The cooler

In backpacking, fruits and vegetables are scarce since it is difficult to keep them cool. Most of the food in our bag is dehydrated. Think again, many companies offer dehydrated food simply delicious! However, being able to play chef outdoors is really nice especially when it is possible to have food fresh out of the this cooler. –Hugues

Yeti Roadie 20 Liters

8. A lantern

There are now all kinds of camping lanterns; propane, battery, solar etc. They allow you to watch outside the camp or inside your tent. Nevertheless, it will be very useful to you and will light in a more diffuse way than your headlamp. -Cynthia

9. The hammock

These days, there are ultralight hammocks perfect for camping that can be stored in a simple bag. So there's no reason not to bring it with you on your next outdoor trip. Ideal for late afternoon naps after a long day in the mountains or at the beach. You'll find some with mosquito nets or other cool features if your hammock is your overnight shelter. With that, good nap! -Julie

10. The sandwich grill

The most luxurious and heavy item of the bunch! The cast iron plate to put directly into the fire. It's simple, you put whatever you want in it, sweet or savory! You let your imagination fly. This one is perfect for making improvised desserts, using leftover food with tortillas and cheese. We bring this item camping every year, and we wouldn't be without! -Jeremiah

En hoping that our article has inspired you with good ideas and above all made you want to book your next campgrounds! Good summer!