5 Benefits of hiking

It is impressive to see how simple a business like hiking can have as much positive impact on our health and well-being. What we love about the Trek, It is that it is accessible, inexpensive and adapted to young and old and this year. We decided to convince you (if you are not already a seasoned follower) that hiking will have a lot of positive impacts in your life. Trails are waiting for you!

Physical health

Whether in order to maintain your fitness or get in shape, hiking is a complete low-impact sport that will allow you to improve your cardiovascular health, the condition of your bones and joints and toning your body. In 2014, ustudy published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology highlighted the differences between the physical effects of hiking and running. The conclusion? 15 minutes walk bring the same physical benefits as a 5-minute race. Effective and less soliciting for joints.

Mental health

Whether to energize you, relax or connect with other humans, hiking has only positive effects on mental health. Walking in the trails requires a physical effort, but thanks to the increase in heart rate, the blood circulates faster in the body and a hormone waterfall snaps us with energy and triggering the secretion of endorphins . Nature offers soothing sounds and noises for our brain like bird singing or wind noise between foliage. The hike is all the more pleasant in good company. It allows you to exchange while practicing adapted physical activity.


Whether you are in town or near the mountains, hiking is easy to access. The majority of municipalities in Quebec have set up parks or outdoor bases so that people can walk on trails adapted to their level. So you do not necessarily need to go far or plan long trips to have a nice hike. The SEPAQ offers a network of adapted and impressive marked trails you wanted to leavefor a few hours or a few days in autonomous hike.


In comparison with other outdoor sports that require a lot of equipment, you do not need to invest enormously to be able to practice short hikes. The essentials will be A pair of shoes or hiking boots sustainable offering good support and adhesion, a backpack of 20-30 litersTo transport essentials such as raincoat, hat or cap, snacks and of course the water To hydrate you. If the hike becomes your favorite outdoor activity, you can add multiple equipment like a breathable water shell, from Waterproof pants, from walking sticks and a bag of hydration. The addition of these technical clothes and equipment will allow you to be comfortable in kind, regardless of the conditions.

Discover Quebec

All regions of Quebec are full of trails to discover. By planning hiking stays in Quebec, you contribute to the improvement of trails as well as the local economy.

Than advantages

Whether it's summer or winter, hiking is an activity that you can practice at any time. It is the ideal sport to learn about solo outdoor activities with friends or family. Unpleasant, hiking practice only requires minimum equipment.

Some hiking suggestions to do near you: Hiking accessible at least 1 hour from Montreal car